Digital Photography Basics Series eBooks

This one-of-a-kind book incorporates basic digital photography information into easy to understand details through the use of photographs, examples, and written information. It focuses on in-depth information on exposure including aperture (depth of field), and how to use the functions in creating beautiful photographs. Composition rules are highlighted, and examples given. The book ties exposure and composition together with details. The information comes from schooling, teaching hundreds of students, and working as a professional photographer.

This instructional book is perfect for the new photographer, refreshing photography skills, or simply enjoying the beautiful photographs. This is age appropriate for teenagers learning photography.

Digital Photography Basics is a 3 book series. Book 1 is Knowing Your Camera. Book 2 is Composition & Exposure. Book 3 is Workflow & the Digital Darkroom.

Black & White Digital Photography

This eBook goes through the steps to create amazing black and white photographs from a digital file. It is filled with visuals and words documenting the process for different learning styles. It has been used at the companion book to go along with 2 different black and white photography workshops: The Oregon Coast in Black and White, and Not Your Grandma’s Black and White.

Northwest Passages

Ferryboats are an integral part of life along the shores of Puget Sound. Puget Sound is home to many species of birds, Stellar Sea Lions, Harbor Seals, and Orca. The annual migration of salmon bring stability to the area’s food chain. Often the Sound is dotted with fishing boats during the salmon runs. In the early winter months, the runs support migratory Bald Eagles, pods of Orca, and Seal Lions. The coastal indigenous people continue with their traditional fishing, and are working to restore habitat.
Lochinvar Welsh Pony Farm is located in Northwestern Oregon, USA. It is a family owned and run farm that breeds and shows Champion Section A Welsh ponies. Originally, these were the ponies of the Welsh highlands in the UK. There is a show circuit in the United States that shows and places these incredible ponies. Lochinvar is home to Grand Champion Lochinvar Patience. In 2010, Lochinvar Pandora place in the top two in the Nation, and Lochinvar Leading Man (Manny) placed fourth. All the mares have won multiple championships from Gold rated events.

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