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Photographing at Dusk

Dusk is the time of day when the sunset is most brilliant.  It is the time many animals and some birds come out to hunt and feed.  Modern digital cameras offer us choices in exposure and flash to make the most of these opportunities.… Continue Reading “Photographing at Dusk”

Nature’s Light & Time of Day

Daylight changes through-out the day.  The harshest light is mid-day, where the sunlight travels through less atmosphere.  The warmest light is in the morning or evening.  The photography shown here was taken in the evening, as the sun was setting. The orange and pink… Continue Reading “Nature’s Light & Time of Day”

Birds – Eagles, Snow Geese, Swans & the Skagit Valley

I am often asked where I find birds to photograph.  I have spent a number of years traveling, and documenting the birds I see.  I have notes that I refer to every year, that lists where a certain species of bird is most likely… Continue Reading “Birds – Eagles, Snow Geese, Swans & the Skagit Valley”

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