Based out of Seattle, Karen Ulvestad is a wildlife and landscape photographer, with a passion for photographing birds. Her work has been published in magazines, brochures, websites, and cards. She self-publishes books through blurb.com using both her writing and photography skills and her latest book is titled Northwest Passage. She writes a photography blog on destinations, techniques, and tips. She gives photography presentations at bird festivals and other events. Through the years, her style evolved from photographing landscapes, people, wildlife, and commercial work through-out the western United States, the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Canada. Her work spans more than twenty-five years.

Philosophy. . .
Photography is all about the Light. The camera, lenses, and other equipment translates the light into compelling photographic images. A photographer visualizes and manipulates the elements into a pleasing composition. Every photograph requires the combination of Light, Equipment, and Photographer.

She believes a strong image tells a story about the subject.

Her work spans birds, wildlife, landscapes, and interactions between man and nature. She is drawn to take photographs with dynamic elements, motion, action, or a powerful story.

Her passion is photographing birds. . .especially in flight.

Workshops & Teaching. . .
She teaches workshops at Sitka Center for Arts and Ecology, Karen Ulvestad Photography, and Arts Now (Edmonds Community College). She speaks at regional birding festivals on bird photography.

In the past, she has taught through Nature’s Photo Adventures, the Pacific Northwest Art School, and Whatcom Community College Extended Learning Program.

Work. . .
Her work is represented by 500px, Photographer’s Direct (England), and Alamy stock and assignment agencies.

Opportunities. . .
She is available for speaking engagements, custom workshops and tours, art shows, and assignment work.

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