Workshops & Tours

Big 2 Day & Longer Workshops

040814-klu-1967eThe Oregon Coast in Black & White

Sitka Center for Arts & Ecology

June 18th & 19th, 2018

Member registration – Feb. 27, 2018
Public registration – Mar. 13, 2017

Capture the dramatic and rugged Oregon coastline in classic and timeless black and white. Whether shooting film or digital, the coast beckons to the dynamics of black and white photography. Layers of clouds and headlands, frenzied ocean waves or tranquil sand beaches offer endless possibilities for composition, exposure, and amazing images. This workshop offers a short classroom orientation, photo critiques at the end, and plenty of time in the field. Dress for the weather and walking/hiking.

Register for this class here.

Concept Photography
Creating Visionary Photographs
From Concept to Photographic Image

Pacific Northwest Art School

Aug. 7th & 8th, 2017

Students learn to take a concept, plan a photo shoot, and create the photograph depicting the concept. This process spans all types of photography, including wildlife, landscape, portraits, and art. The process includes developing a personal “style”, and using the equipment of the trade to accomplish the photographic vision of the photographer. Workshop includes exercises to help “see” the potential of a photographic opportunity, in-camera techniques, and digital darkroom techniques.

“Visualize Your Concept ~ Create the Photograph ~ Evoke an Emotion”

Students need to bring all their photographic equipment (camera body, lenses, filters, monopod / tripod, flashes, reflectors, shutter releases,etc.). It would be nice if they had a laptop computer to bring, but not necessary.

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Edmonds Community College Classes

Western SandpiperThe Art of Photographing Birds

Apr. 16, 23, 30 / May 7, 12 – 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Are you surrounded by beautiful amazing birds, and would like to learn how to get great photos of them? We’ll cover exposure and panning techniques and how to craft a pleasing photograph that effectively highlights the bird. Also, in-the-field ethics, how to “find” the shot, and great birding locations, as well as information on birding festivals to attend throughout the year. In-classroom and hands-on learning. Come prepared to have fun! All levels

Register for this class here.

Video & Video Editing

April 28th & May 5th, 2018

9 am to 12 pm

Want to create professional-looking video? We’ll start with the difference between video, HD video and 4K video and decide what’s best for your project. Then we’ll talk about the equipment required to shoot a successful video with your camera, and tips for composition and exposure. Also covered: camera settings and custom settings, framing the subject, lighting, sound, filters–and–what to shoot! Then we’ll move on to editing processes and software: different types of video files, formats, editing and merging clips, adding music or sound, copyright needs, and creating a DVD

Register for this class here.

Salish Sea Bird Photographic Tours

Spring and Fall are great times to see migrating birds along the shore of the Salish Sea (Puget Sound, Desolation Sound, Strait of Juan DeFuca, and the Inside Passage). This session will be exploring the shores of Puget Sound, the Strait of Juan de Fuca, or the Pacific Ocean. We will photograph all the different species of birds found in the area. These areas are stop-over points for migrating birds. It is a quiet time on the shoreline, and we will be taking advantage of the early morning light. Tours are 4 to 6 hours. All the details will be provided upon registration, including location, date, and meet time. Limit 6 per tour, unless otherwise arranged. Cost is per person.


Digital Darkroom

The Digital Darkroom gives photographers the opportunity to correct exposure, color, contrast, and other items in their photographs. In the days of film, these functions were completed for the photographer by their print lab. Modern technology changed this process, and how we work with our images. This class will go into the different software available for processing your photos, techniques to use, what to look for, and how to sort/file/store your photographic images. Lessons/classes are 1.5 to 2 hours.  All the details will be provided upon registration. This can be a private or semi-private lesson. Cost is per person.




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