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“Visualize Your Concept ~ Create the Photograph ~ Evoke an Emotion”

Finding the Spirit of Place

copyright Karen Ulvestad

Ghost Ranch

New Mexico

Rescheduled for July 2022 due to pandemic

Ready to take the next step in your photography? Learn to “see” the world around you through the camera’s eye, and create amazing photographic images. Simply put, photography is light. It’s important to see it and learn to control it through camera settings. In the digital age, photography is more dynamic in what can be captured in a picture. Our cameras are able to capture both low light and high light situations. To create a photograph, this is combined with our knowledge of our camera’s settings. Exposure and composition combine together to make the photograph a true representation of the photographer’s vision through management of light, color, and highlight/shadow. This class includes the formulas and techniques to create dynamic photographs, and the importance of equipment choices. Different lens focal lengths change the depth of field recorded by the camera. This is an important piece of creating a story-telling photographic image. Discussions include in-camera techniques and digital darkroom adjustments. The digital darkroom is basically the photo lab of the film days of photography. We will learn basic techniques, along with the best software and best hardware choices. This is where the photographer adjusts the photograph to match his/her visual representation of the scene/subject. It is as important as in-camera techniques to create the picture. Class includes time to practice these new concepts and techniques through practice and assignments. Questions are encouraged both in-class, and during practice times. Each class includes time for review / critique of students work. The feedback helps clarify the concepts of the class, and encourages creativity. We will cover: *Seeing Examples of concepts through visual presentation *Learning how to “see” and “seeing” techniques *Creativity is encouraged *Exposure & composition (basic to advanced depending on level of student) *Equipment & how to select which pieces to use *Learn visual story-telling and finding inner vision *Planning and accomplishing the photographic concepts *Color or Black & White? What works best with the photograph’s concept *Experimenting with visual concepts *Connecting with the subject or place *In-camera techniques for better photographs *Digital Darkroom techniques

Here is the link for more information or to sign-up for the workshop.

The Art of Photographing Birds
Snow Geese & Swans

Will be rescheduled for 2022

More Information Coming Soon. . .

These workshops will begin again as the Covid 19 restrictions are lifted. These are in-person workshops.

* * * * * * *

Salish Sea Bird Photographic Tours

Spring and Fall are great times to see migrating birds along the shore of the Salish Sea (Puget Sound, Desolation Sound, Strait of Juan DeFuca, and the Inside Passage). This session will be exploring the shores of Puget Sound, the Strait of Juan de Fuca, or the Pacific Ocean. We will photograph all the different species of birds found in the area. These areas are stop-over points for migrating birds. It is a quiet time on the shoreline, and we will be taking advantage of the early morning light. Tours are 4 to 6 hours. All the details will be provided upon registration, including location, date, and meet time. Limit 6 per tour, unless otherwise arranged. Cost is per person.


Digital Darkroom

The Digital Darkroom gives photographers the opportunity to correct exposure, color, contrast, and other items in their photographs. In the days of film, these functions were completed for the photographer by their print lab. Modern technology changed this process, and how we work with our images. This class will go into the different software available for processing your photos, techniques to use, what to look for, and how to sort/file/store your photographic images. Lessons/classes are 1.5 to 2 hours.  All the details will be provided upon registration. This can be a private or semi-private lesson. Cost is per person.


3 responses to “Workshops & Tours”

  1. Michele Scaglia Avatar
    Michele Scaglia

    Hi Karen, Are you planning another B&W workshop at the Oregon Coast? I can’t make the June 2018 dates but am very interested. Thank you!

    1. Hi Michele,
      What dates or time of the year are you thinking about? I will not be offering it again through Sitka Center, but am open to teaching one outside the school.
      Thank you & have a great day. . .Karen

  2. Michele Scaglia Avatar
    Michele Scaglia

    Hi Karen, Do you have dates for your June and August courses on the Oregon Coast? Also, what location will the August course be? I am hoping I can join one of these. Thank you, Michele

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