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Nature’s Light & Time of Day

Daylight changes through-out the day.  The harshest light is mid-day, where the sunlight travels through less atmosphere.  The warmest light is in the morning or evening.  The photography shown here was taken in the evening, as the sun was setting. The orange and pink…

Small Things in a Big Way. . .

Macro is taking something very tiny, and composing a complete photographic image from the subject.  I love macro.  It helps change my perspective of all the “big” things that I photograph, such as birds, people, landscapes and. . . Macros are mini landscapes.  The…

Close-up Photography

What is close-up photography?  It is also called Macro photography.  It is the minute details of a subject, that is composed in the camera.  It is usually shot with a macro lens or extension tubes. The photograph above was taken with a Canon 100mm…

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