Sandhill Cranes and More in Othello


I spoke this past Saturday at the Othello Sandhill Crane Festival in Othello, WA. It was an amazing experience! The room was filled at 9 am for my presentation Celebrate Birds Through Photography.

This festival is incredible in both its size and number of speakers/tours. It is well worth the adventure to Eastern Washington for the event.

It was interesting to discover how easy it was to see the cranes flying, but nearly impossible to see them in the fields. The photograph above is of a field with over 50 cranes amoungst the cattle.


Looking upwards, it was easier to see the cranes flying through in small groups. Thankfully, the sky was blue with white clouds. The cranes stood out against the background, and were easier to see.

The other amazing birds we saw were yellow head blackbirds. I actually thought they were blackbirds landing behind reflectors on the irrigation pipes. What a pleasant surprise when I discovered they were beautiful yellow and black birds.


Happy Shooting. . .Karen

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