Seeing & Incorporating Patterns into Composition

copyright Karen Ulvestad

Patterns in a composition can take many forms. It adds an interest depth in the photograph, or an element of chaos. Patterns are the repetition of shapes or similar shapes. It works in macro, landscape, and most other types of photographs.

Patterns are naturally occurring in nature, or created by man. Either way, intentional use of patterns creates a greater depth in the photograph. In the image above, the main patterns are created by the clouds in the sky, and the patchy snow on the meadow.

copyright Karen Ulvestad

Patterns take many forms. It is simply the repetition of a shape, color, or color. The above photograph is a common murre colony. The pattern comes from the multitude of birds with their consistent black and white coloring.

Sometime, the goal is to fill the frame with something that creates an interesting scene, and it also includes a pattern. It this case, the common murre offer the visual of a nesting colony and the pattern of their shape / coloring.

copyright Karen Ulvestad

Then, there is the multitude of flower. This pattern of pink is broken up by the strong lines of the tree branches. The subject matter is endless. . .

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  1. Patricia Cochran Avatar

    Love the photograph of flowering trees! Just beautiful!

    1. karenulvestad Avatar

      Thank you!

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