If one doesn’t choose a point-n-shoot, the other option is a DSLR.  Basically, this is a SLR that is digital.  Manufacturers took all the basics of the SLR, and programmed the information into a digital format.  It is a hand-held computer with manual over-rides, therefore, more creative control over you photographs.

copyright Karen Ulvestad
Shot at F18.0 at 1/10 second

The photograph shown has a slow shutter speed, that would need to be set manually in both a point and shoot or DSLR camera.  This was shot with a wide-angle lens (17-40 mm) at 17 mm.  The F18 is the aperture setting, and allows for the large depth of field in the image.  I used tripod to keep the camera steady.

This type of shot is easier with a DSLR, because the manual settings are easier to use.  The lens optics are better glass, though it depends on the lens purchased.

Copyright Karen Ulvestad
This was shot at F4.5 at 1/60 second.

This image is of a captive Snowy Owl (unable to survive in the wild due to previous injury).  In this image, the aperture is F4.5, which accounts for the background being out of focus.

More later. . .Karen

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