Happy New Year and Finding the Perfect Camera

Happy New Year to All. . .

Copyright Karen Ulvestad
This is along the Oregon coast, taken during my trip this Holiday Season.

I thought it was time to write about cameras.  It seems like it should be simple to go to the store, and purchase a camera.  From my workshops, I have met many individuals, who purchased a camera that does not do what they want.

Digital cameras are as diverse in their function as software programs for a computer.  First, the camera is a mini-computer.  It is programmed by the manufacturer to take pictures.  Also, it has the limitations that the manufacturer puts into the camera.

When choosing a camera, the first step is to think about what features you would like, such as:  Manual control, full Auto, Scene selection, Flash and Flash control, and what do you want to photograph with the camera.

Many inexpensive point and shoots have a slower processor.  So, they are not the best choice to photograph a child playing sports.  They are great for  subjects that do not move, such as:  Landscapes, Still Life, Portraits and Macro.

The upper-end point and shoots usually have faster processors, Manual function options and manual focus.  Usually, the manual focus is not as easy to use as it is on a DSLR.

For in-depth information on functional usage of a Digital Camera, I teach a workshop for the City of Edmonds titled Digital Photography 101.

I’ll be talking about DSLRs next issue. . .

More Later. . .Karen

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