Small Things in a Big Way. . .

copyright Karen UlvestadMacro is taking something very tiny, and composing a complete photographic image from the subject.  I love macro.  It helps change my perspective of all the “big” things that I photograph, such as birds, people, landscapes and. . .

Macros are mini landscapes.  The composition comes from the lines, shapes, colors and textures.  It becomes a focus on the minute.

The idea of exposure changes.  The photograph shown here has a large depth of field (DOF).  I used F32.  The reason for the large DOF is that the closeness of the lens to the subject.

The most important tool for macro is a good tripod to hold the camera steady.  This shot at a long shutter speed, and could not be hand-held.  Also, a slight blur is more noticeable in macro due to the magnification of the subject.

More later. . .Karen


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