What’s in a Digital Darkroom?

Often times, I get asked if I “Photoshop” my photographs.  If it was a film image, it would be like asking me if I took my film to a photo lab, which I worked at one for a couple of years.  Our job as employees was to give the customer the best photograph possible from their film.  We would color correct the prints, before they left the lab.

In the digital age, there is a lot of concern about “manipulating” photographs.  In truth, all photographs are a manipulation of a scene through composition, and use of exposure.

So, what is a Digital Darkroom?

A Digital Darkroom is a software, such as Photoshop, Elements, or Aperture, where a photographer can color correct his/her photographs.  There are tools to remove dust spots, filters to enhance color and cropping tools.  What comes out at the end is the photograph the photographer wanted to take.

To answer the question. . .yes. . .I use Photoshop.  I gather the best possible data with my camera, then polish it into the photograph I saw through my lens.

Here is an example of what computer software can do. . .

copyright Karen UlvestadIn this photo, I used Photoshop to remove dust and correct color.

copyright Karen Ulvestad

In this photo, I started with Photoshop to remove dust and correct color.  Then, I used Topaz filters to reduce haze, and further enhance the color.

Happy shooting, and More Later. . .Karen

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  1. Russel Ray Photos Avatar

    I use Photoshop, too, but I also use Lightroom, PaintShop Pro X4, Photo-Paint X5, CorelDRAW, and even Word 2010 since it has some nice framing features.

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