Focus. . .

copyright Karen Ulvestad

Focus is a key to a successful photograph! I mean focus on the subject and the idea behind the image. What message is the photographer trying to convey through the visual medium of photography.

Beyond technique, a great photograph shares a story. Otherwise, why would we want to look at it, share it, have it in our homes (or office), or purchase it?

The message could be peace and tranquility. It may show the chaos of the inner city. What is it that drives the interest in the photograph? What is it’s story?

As photographers, we can all take beautiful photographs. The digital age make accessibility to quality equipment available to a wider range of people. There are so many choices – phones, point and shoots, mirrorless, or DSLR.

So, what story do you wish to tell? It is a question to ask yourself as you compose your photographs.

Happy Shooting. . .Karen


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