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Familiar Subjects – New Perspective

The migratory trumpeter and tundra swans are a familiar subject to me and my camera. Often, they stay at a distance to areas that they can be photographed from. The limitations become equipment and the cost of these longer lenses. Today, I tested out… Continue Reading “Familiar Subjects – New Perspective”

Focus. . .

Focus is a key to a successful photograph! I mean focus on the subject and the idea behind the image. What message is the photographer trying to convey through the visual medium of photography. Beyond technique, a great photograph shares a story. Otherwise, why… Continue Reading “Focus. . .”

Tips for Photographing Waterfalls

From trickles of water to roaring flood-stage torrents, waterfalls are an ever-changing photographic subject. Their structure changes slowly over time, but the water falls differently every second. If one took 10 photographs in a row¬†of the same waterfall, each would look different. Below is… Continue Reading “Tips for Photographing Waterfalls”

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