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Tips for Photographing Waterfalls

From trickles of water to roaring flood-stage torrents, waterfalls are an ever-changing photographic subject. Their structure changes slowly over time, but the water falls differently every second. If one took 10 photographs in a row of the same waterfall, each would look different. Below is…

Photography Destination – John Day Painted Hills Unit

In the mountains east of Prineville, Or, the small town of Mitchell is located 15 minutes from the John Day Painted Hills Unit.  The town of Mitchell has a population of 120 people, and is located directly on Highway 26.  The Oregon Hotel offers affordable…

Nature’s Light & Time of Day

Daylight changes through-out the day.  The harshest light is mid-day, where the sunlight travels through less atmosphere.  The warmest light is in the morning or evening.  The photography shown here was taken in the evening, as the sun was setting. The orange and pink…

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