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A Great Blue Heron Story. . .

Great Blue Heron are a bird that survives in urban and wilderness areas. They eat frogs, small rodents, fish, crabs, and more. They nest in colonies or rookeries that can be home to a hundred or more birds. These herons are majestic in their… Continue Reading “A Great Blue Heron Story. . .”

Filters & Color

Filters can be used to enhance colors in a photograph.  They may filter out some light rays, while accentuating others.  My favorite filter is a Polarizing filter. With a polarizing filter, it cuts the “glare” from the sunlight off of the surfaces being photographed. … Continue Reading “Filters & Color”

Nature’s Light & Time of Day

Daylight changes through-out the day.  The harshest light is mid-day, where the sunlight travels through less atmosphere.  The warmest light is in the morning or evening.  The photography shown here was taken in the evening, as the sun was setting. The orange and pink… Continue Reading “Nature’s Light & Time of Day”

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