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Familiar Subjects – New Perspective

The migratory trumpeter and tundra swans are a familiar subject to me and my camera. Often, they stay at a distance to areas that they can be photographed from. The limitations become equipment and the cost of these longer lenses. Today, I tested out… Continue Reading “Familiar Subjects – New Perspective”

Migratory Birds are at the Skagit Flats

Last Saturday, I spoke at the Historic Concrete Theatre with 30+ people. The presentation went well, and the participants left with a greater understanding of photographing birds. The Skagit Valley from Newhalem in the mountains to Puget Sound is filled with migratory birds this… Continue Reading “Migratory Birds are at the Skagit Flats”

Birds – Eagles, Snow Geese, Swans & the Skagit Valley

I am often asked where I find birds to photograph.  I have spent a number of years traveling, and documenting the birds I see.  I have notes that I refer to every year, that lists where a certain species of bird is most likely… Continue Reading “Birds – Eagles, Snow Geese, Swans & the Skagit Valley”

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