Finding Photographic Vision

copyright Karen Ulvestad

It’s been an exploratory year for my photographic vision. I started shooting photography focused on sports, events, and people. There was always a landscape to photograph or an animal, so I followed my camera’s viewfinder. I filled it with images, and learned everything about my equipment. Photography is a continual learning adventure.

The last couple years have been filled with searching. At the beginning of this year, we lost 3 family members. Two were ill for a long time, and the other was a surprise. All my focus and energy had been spent on creating positive memories for my son with his grandfather. I have no regrets for the energy expended in this adventure. . .just gratitude for all the incredible time.

So finding photographic vision. . .

I choose to control every aspect of a photograph that is within my power to control. The camera is merely a tool to convey the scene, animal, bird, story, people, etc. in the manner the photographer sees it. The photographer is the artist, who shows the world their vision. The photograph below is a single image created in the camera. Since I shoot RAW files, I worked on it in Photoshop to create an image file to share with others or print. Equipment plays a part in an image like this. It is important to use a tripod to keep the camera and lens stable.

copyright Karen Ulvestad

Much of this year, I’ve explored light, and refining my techniques for using it in my images. Above is soft, colorful, and flowing in composition. I experimented with exposure, white balance, and techniques.

Below is one of my favorite subjects. . .Snow Geese. This was taken on one of those perfect days in the field. The sky was sunny with billowing cloud formations. I think we ended up with most of the migratory birds (60,000 to 70,000) in the field in front of us. It was amazing to watch them fly in. It seemed like it would never stop. Then when it felt calm again, a Bald Eagle flew over head, and thousands of geese took to the air at one time. Their sound was amazing! I was about 25 feet from the edge of the flock. . .simply amazing!

copyright Karen Ulvestad

Happy Shooting. . .Karen

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