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Capturing Nature’s Mood

copyright Karen Ulvestad

Each season brings different moods to our natural landscape. Winter shows us a moody vision with clouds, rain or snow, and lower light. The colors shift from bright summer colors to subdued winter shades. . .

Simplicity or Chaos?

Composition is a direct reflection on the photographer. Certain aspects can be learned, yet your personal viewpoint seeps through in every photograph we create. Our photographic vision reflects our inner self, and where we are emotionally at the point of the photograph. It is… Continue Reading “Simplicity or Chaos?”

It’s All About the Light. . .

Photography is possible because of Light. Without light, the image is black. With too much light, the photo is white. How do we control this light? It is controlled through exposure. Exposure = ISO + Aperture + Shutter Speed It is the photographer along… Continue Reading “It’s All About the Light. . .”

Finding Photographic Vision

It’s been an exploratory year for my photographic vision. I started shooting photography focused on sports, events, and people. There was always a landscape to photograph or an animal, so I followed my camera’s viewfinder. I filled it with images, and learned everything about… Continue Reading “Finding Photographic Vision”

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