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It’s All About the Light. . .

Photography is possible because of Light. Without light, the image is black. With too much light, the photo is white. How do we control this light? It is controlled through exposure. Exposure = ISO + Aperture + Shutter Speed It is the photographer along… Continue Reading “It’s All About the Light. . .”

Shadows, Highlights & Mid-tones

So, I’ve been missing in action the past few months, and neglected my blog! I’m back. . .at least until my next adventure that leads me away from the computer screen and the Internet. I’ve been pursuing the Light. Without light, there cannot be… Continue Reading “Shadows, Highlights & Mid-tones”

Quality of Light – Part 2

Indoor and outdoor light have different temperatures.  Our eyes automatically adjust to the difference in color, but our camera needs to be adjusted.  The different types of light include Daylight, Incandescent or Tungsten and Florescent.  With film, the type of film had to be changed between… Continue Reading “Quality of Light – Part 2”

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