Spirit of Place

copyright Karen Ulvestad

I cannot teach this workshop often enough! This is the core of a successful photography. The idea is to “capture” the subject’s essence in the 2 dimensional image of a photograph. . .to “tell” a story about the subject.

With people, it is often a smile, tears, or other emotion / action within the photograph. This ideal can be brought to a landscape, wildlife image, or macro subject. Each photographer has their own unique view of the world, and the objective is to share this with the viewer.

Accomplishing this vision includes camera knowledge, composition, “seeing”, and weaving all this into the photographic image.

I love this workshop the most, because we explore all these aspects of photography in the classroom, and strive to combine them in the field. The focus is on techniques, vision, and composition.

I look forward to meeting all the individuals that join this journey to photographic perfection.

Happy Shooting. . .Karen

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