It’s All About the Light

This photograph was taken during a winter storm.

The light makes or breaks a photograph, along with good composition.  You can have the greatest composition, but if the light is wrong the photograph doesn’t turn out well.

This photo was taken on a sunny spring day.

The top photo is taken during a winter storm.  The light or lack of light turns the color of the water to a gray, and the greens are muted.  Overall, the photo is dark, and lacks shadows.  This contributes to the lack of depth in the photograph.

The bottom photo is taken on a sunny spring day.  The sunlight brings out the color in the water, cliffs and vegetation.  The sunlight cast shadows, giving the photo a feeling of depth.
The light in the photos casts a mood for the image.
Time of day is another variable in photography, which will be the topic of the next entry.
Best to All & Happy Shooting. . .Karen

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