Sunsets and Vibrant Color

copyright Karen Ulvestad

Sunsets and color seem to go together. It’s hard to show the character of a sunset in black & white.

The sun isn’t always yellow. The Earth’s atmosphere affects the color of the sun, and the colors reflected in the sky.

The photo above was taken on the Oregon coast looking out over the Pacific Ocean. I love how the sun came out with 3 main colors, the sky was such an intense orange, and the small clouds in the top left side of the image.

Each sunset is unique in color, cloud formations, and the color of the sun.

copyright Karen Ulvestad

Then, there is the pastel colors that can be produced at sunset. I love the pastel pinks in the photo above, and the way the color reflects off of the ferry boat. Adding a subject to the frame adds to the composition and interest in the photograph.

copyright Karen Ulvestad

My favorite time to photograph a sunset is after the sun sets. Usually, most photographers and people leave after the sun dips below the horizon. I find that the color may intensify after the sun sets.

I love the dramatic colors, and the ability to capture the stars / moon. Again, I added a ferry boat in the image above. I like how the lights on the ferry help define the boat, while maintaining to color of the sky.

Tip. . .under-expose sunset photographs. . .

Happy Shooting. . .Karen

Excerpt from Summer Photography: Beaches & Sunsets. EdCC Extented Learning Program – July 12, 19, 26, 2017. 

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