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Sunsets and Vibrant Color

Sunsets and color seem to go together. It’s hard to show the character of a sunset in black & white. The sun isn’t always yellow. The Earth’s atmosphere affects the color of the sun, and the colors reflected in the sky. The photo above… Continue Reading “Sunsets and Vibrant Color”

Digital Photography Basics Excerpt. . .

“Ambient light is the naturally available light. Sources would be the sun, moon, or reflected light. Sunlight is the light source even on cloudy days or in the shade. Cloud cover offers soft, diffused light without harsh shadows or contrast. Ambient light can be… Continue Reading “Digital Photography Basics Excerpt. . .”

Tips on Shooting Subjects at Night

Generally speaking, photography is the use of light to create an image. Night is without the sun, so light sources are created by humankind. The photographer uses these sources of light to create artist renditions of night scenes, fireworks, the moon, or portraits. In… Continue Reading “Tips on Shooting Subjects at Night”

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