• Spring is Coming!

    Spring is coming! It is an amazing time along the Oregon coast, with thousands of seabirds coming to land to raise their young. I’m looking forward to visiting my favorite nesting colonies, and exploring new locations. If you wish to join me, just leave a message. . . Happy Shooting. . .Karen

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  • Black & White

    Black and white photography uses tonality, contrast, and composition to engage the viewer. It is the origins of photography, and the favorite of famous photographers such as Ansel Adams. This type of photography takes a different “eye” than its color counter part. The tonality of black and white succumbs to the vibrance of color in…

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  • The Best of 2013

    It was a year of change, and it reflected in my photographic images. This first image is about community. I was experimenting with a new 2x tele-converter with my 100-400 mm lens, and this was the result. On a drifting log resting are harbor seals, cormorants, gulls, and sandpipers. This next image is Oregon in…

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