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Photography Destination – Fort Casey

Living in the Pacific Northwest offers many beautiful photography destinations.  Simply living near Puget Sound, the Cascade Mountains or the Olympic Peninsula give many opportunities for sunsets, waterfalls, tide pools and wildlife.  For the urban photographer, there is Seattle, Tacoma, Everett and Bellingham.  One… Continue Reading “Photography Destination – Fort Casey”

Using Light in Composition

Light. . .without light, there is not a photograph.  With light, there is a photograph.  Using light within you composition can create a breath taking photographic image. Sometimes, it’s simply luck.  This photo was taken from Arches NP on one of the roads.  It was… Continue Reading “Using Light in Composition”

It’s All About the Light

The light makes or breaks a photograph, along with good composition.  You can have the greatest composition, but if the light is wrong the photograph doesn’t turn out well. This photo was taken on a sunny spring day. The top photo is taken during… Continue Reading “It’s All About the Light”

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